Radio Nord Revival broadcast on SW and FM ++++++ Radio London and RNI DJ, Duncan Johnson, has died +++++++ Robin Adcroft (Robin Banks) has died +++++ For full details of all stories visit the Museum News Room - click on the link below +++++++++

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The only museum devoted to recording and preserving the world-wide history of offshore radio and television broadcasting.

Imagine standing on a Quayside, ahead of you is a restored warehouse with the sign OFFSHORE RADIO MUSEUM.

 Inside this ‘virtual’ museum is the history of offshore radio and TV broadcasting - with a memory on every page!!

So come inside and explore for yourself ………

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This month we’ve added more information and archive documents to the pages of some of the lesser known offshore stations -


(in the America Gallery on Floor 1)

Radio Brod

Mebo off Libya

(In the Rest of the World Gallery on Floor 1)

More information and documents from our archive are added regularly - keep checking for updates!

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